Simple. Effortless. Intuitive. That’s Crescendo™.

Can technology care? With Crescendo™, it can. Using the most effective methods, this cloud-based system seamlessly integrates patient information across home health, hospice and private duty. Crescendo’s easy-to use tools simplify agency workflow, providing a clear, natural path through billing, scheduling, documentation and other time-consuming daily tasks. What’s more, it’s completely customizable to your agency’s unique needs. And you’ll be amazed at how little training it takes to master.

Crescendo™ streamlines everything from clinical compliance to financials, so you can get back to what you do best: caring for the patient.

Home Health Clinical Software

  • Makes documenting patient care intuitive and easy for clinicians
  • Offers built-in document management
  • Facilitates patient-centered care through visit-to-visit care plans
  • Supports continuity of care
  • Delivers therapy-centered, comprehensive documentation
  • Ensures that notes for each discipline are created by like disciplines
  • Automatically calculates all pertinent risk assessments and screenings: fall, hospitalization and depression
  • Uses best practice standards for comprehensive wound documentation
  • Provides customizable forms at the agency level to meet specific agency needs
  • Offers SHP and PPS Plus alerts and information in real time
  • Offers OASIS assistance based on patient assessment
  • Includes high-risk patient information for fall and hospitalization risk assessments
  • Uses best practice evaluation tools, such as the Braden Scale, the PUSH Tool, the Timed Up and Go Test, the Tinetti Assessment Tool, the Berg Balance Scale and many more

Hospice Clinical Software

  • Intentional direct focus on symptom management
  • Includes hospice-specific standardized assessment tools – symptom status, spiritual assessment, psychosocial findings, functional ability, disease-specifc indicators, pain screenings – for all disciplines
  • Promotes continuous updating of the comprehensive assessment, documentation consistency, and effective care management
  • Integrates HIS questions into the admission assessment
  • Offers a standardized method to document all aspects of interdisciplinary team meetings including attendance, administrative issues, QAPI activities, and meeting guests
  • Displays documentation based on level/location of care to promote trending of patient decline and symptom management throughout the hospice admission
  • Includes Bereavement with events embedded within an individualized Bereavement plan of care
  • Uses best practice assessment tools, such as the Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale

Billing Software

  • Provides comprehensive revenue cycle management
  • Manages authorizations
  • Supports all business lines — home health, hospice and private duty
  • Enables automatic payer change with a single click
  • Coordinates all of the payer levels — episodic, fee-for-service and per diem — and fulfills their needs: orders, face-to-face authorizations, plans of care and claims
  • Customizes billing cycles — daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand
  • Streamlines processes to capture lost charges, reduce claim denials, improve billing and reimbursement, and enhance patient satisfaction
  • Integrates the most critical revenue cycle elements — patient eligibility, patient scheduling and patient financials
  • Eliminates lost revenues by ensuring clinically accurate and clean claims

Scheduling Software

  • Gives the scheduler one-click access to all of the patient and employee data
  • Recommends best matches for patient caregiver pairing
  • Simplifies the activity of scheduling tasks, resources, clinicians and other personnel based on availability, qualifications and skill level
  • Easy “drag and drop” and color-coordinated icons make editing fast and visually clear
  • Controls how you manage utilization, with alerts for quick resolution
  • Provides central overview of all scheduled visits, including status, on one screen

Financial Reporting and Business Analytics

  • Oversees every aspect of your business — billing, DSO, inventory, marketing and sales, cash, A/R and more
  • Gives you insights into your business based on real-time data
  • Exports financials to Excel for analysis in a matter of seconds
  • Customizes bills for each line of business — home health, hospice or private duty
  • Enables you to view business trend metrics quickly and easily for decision support

Staff and Resource Management

  • Allows you to manage employees through tracking of events: absences, call outs, etc.
  • Easily handles changes to orders and authorizations
  • Furnishes employees and patients with online portals for viewing schedules
  • Gives turn-by-turn directions and accounts for travel time and mileage between visits
  • Provides GPS-based visit verification tool

Real-time Dashboards

  • Uses role-based, individualized metrics to manage agency processes and key performance indicators
  • Provides quick glance at patterns and trends affecting your bottom line
  • Displays financial viability, rehospitalizations and hours logged in real time

Customized Reporting

  • Embeds reports to support clinical workflows and provides data instantly, when and where it is needed
  • Generates over 150 standard reports, ranging from financial, to clinical, to human resources

Referral Management

  • Simplifies the intake process by using this “smart” review and editing module to process inbound patient referrals from all sources
  • Eliminates the re-keying of data, speeds up the Intake process, and minimizes unnecessary patient records from being created
  • Automatically sends information to Crescendo, once the patient data has been verified, with no additional effort needed by Intake staff
  • Accessible via a desktop computer or mobile device

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