AppointMate’s State-of-the-Art Features

Manage and Grow Your Business

Our intuitive, easy-to-use private duty solution seamlessly manages all aspects of your agency workflow, maximizing your efficiency so you can quickly grow your business.

Schedule Effortlessly

  • Provides a clear overview of all home care appointments on one screen
  • Matches private duty client needs with caregivers’ skills, availability and locations
  • Schedules employee tasks based on organization’s protocols
  • Prevents conflicts
  • Sends and receives employee and customer appointment reminders and notifications about overdue appointments

Manage Efficiently

  • Offers a variety of options for tracking non-medical home care overtime rules
  • Integrates with financial software, such as QuickBooks and MAS 90
  • Provides single solution for easy payroll and accounts receivable invoicing
  • Displays balances and applies payments in a single screen

Care Seamlessly

  • Validates caregivers’ calls from clients’ homes via caller ID
  • Provides easy access to caregivers’ and clients’ phone numbers
  • Lets home care employees clock in and out via mobile device or telephone
  • Allows mobile option task entry
  • Includes GPS electronic visit verification
  • Makes telephony, portal and mobile options available for tracking care plan compliance

Grow Quickly

  • Shows hours and revenue by client in real time via dashboard
  • Provides 175+ standard reports, ranging from financial, to caregiver, to HR
  • Reviews conversion data
  • Includes built-in CRM system