THA Group and Delta Incubate Solutions for VBP in “Living Lab”

By October 27, 2015Press

ALTOONA, PA and SAVANNAH, GA –  Delta Health Technologies® and the THA Group announce a partnership to optimize the emerging care demonstration programs and pilots in which THA Group is participating. THA Group, who provides an integrated solution of post-acute care serving the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire in South Carolina and Georgia, continues to be at the forefront of the industry, finding new ways to coordinate care and leverage telehealth technology. Success for these progressive programs requires complex documentation, efficient cross-functional operations management, and detailed reporting between all of the coordinators of patient-centric care including physicians, hospital systems, other post-acute providers, and payers.  Delta Health Technologies is utilizing their cloud solution to develop unique applications, workflows, and reporting to support THA Group in these progressive care programs. Together, the companies are creating a “living lab” for managing value-based and emerging care models.

THA Group delivers on the promise to provide outstanding care to patients, physicians, system providers, and payers through innovative programs that will benefit the communities in which they serve. The company is actively incubating new care models, working to ensure Value-Based Purchasing will increase access to care while raising the quality of care provided. Current programs in progress include a population health management solution, called RightHealth®, designed to accommodate the shifting care requirements of medical homes, care transitions programs, accountable care organizations, and other integrated programs that manage high risk patients to keep them safely in their communities and homes. RightHealth® has also been designated Awardee status to participate in testing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative. THA Group has partnered in programs which “bridge the gap” between hospital and home, working with major hospital systems incorporating value-based models with THA focused on reducing rehospitalization rates for those facilities. On November 1, THA Group is starting a new program with a Senior Living Continuing Care Retirement Community System to provide ”Right Living” for residents through their RightHealth®  program, the cost of which will be incorporated by those facilities as part of their basic service.  Lastly, THA is finalizing a new initiative with yet another Senior Living Continuing Care Retirement Community to provide nurse practitioner and telephony-based concierge services to assist residents in managing their health and chronic diseases, allowing for “aging-in-place” and avoiding the need for emergent care.

“It is my personal mission to provide the health solutions our communities desperately need. For twenty years, we have delivered on our promise and we have practiced Telehealth since 2001. With the forthcoming changes to value-based models, we decided to be at the forefront to ensure our patients receive the unique services that empower them toward self-management and taking charge of their health at home – wherever they make their home,” said Ellen Bolch, CEO, THA Group. “The complexities of these new models require us to work with an information technology company that we trust, that understands our challenges, and has a solution that can accommodate to the evolving requirements of these projects. Crescendo, the cloud solution from Delta Health Technologies, is the perfect platform to help incubate our success.”

“During my 32 years in post-acute care, rarely have I had the pleasure to work with such a progressive organization as THA Group,” said Keith Crownover, President & CEO, Delta Health Technologies. “Our cloud solution has proven successful in managing their core needs and we are looking forward supporting them in the “living lab” model for managing value-based programs.”

The Delta solution incorporates an industry leading model, focusing on a patient-centric design that helps clinicians document following the proper best practices and processes in real time. By “making the right things easy to accomplish and the wrong things difficult,” providers have a reliable solution that helps them dramatically improve patient care, outcomes, and satisfaction for patients and employees.

Clinicians prefer the Delta solution for its ease-of-use while providing the “guiderails” to ensure their documentation is completed correctly and completely. The underlying application design leverages a single electronic patient record data model providing real-time access to the patient information by all departments. Documentation is also made easier and more accurate by the “smart” system in which patient data is carried forward to all parts of the application – eliminating the need, and potential error, of redundant data entry. Managing teams from the cloud-based application is simplified through the role-based controls and customizable workflows to optimize the unique processes that are most successful for your teams.

About THA Group

THA Group is a family of companies: Island Health Care, which offers skilled nursing, therapy (physical, occupational and speech-language), solutions for illness or chronic conditions, and palliation; Island Hospice, a nonprofit 501(c)3 end-of-life program; Independent Life at Home, which offers private duty assistance with activities of daily living and respite care; Ideal Aging, which offers eldercare management and aging in place consultation; and RightHealth®, which delivers technology solutions for population health management. THA Group was the first home health company in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry to implement telemonitoring as a standard of care. Please visit or call 888-842-4663 for more information.