What Do Scheduling, Billing and Documentation Have to Do with Quality Patient Care? Everything.

To meet the complex challenges of the changing healthcare world, you need a software solution that can swiftly and easily perform resource management, scheduling, billing and clinical point of care tasks. That’s Crescendo™. At the heart of its effortless technology is a heart for patient care.

One Patient. One Solution.

  • Seamlessly integrates patient information across home health, hospice and private duty in one system
  • Provides the most up-to-date patient information for trusted health care providers, using certified electronic health records
  • Creates a horizontal patient record across all lines of business within the agency

Patient Care. Streamlined.

  • Manages a compliant review process to meet regulatory, accrediting and best practice standards
  • Makes clinical information accurate, organized and accessible
  • Evaluates data to facilitate effective, complete and defensible patient documentation
  • Increases clinical accuracy by making clinical notes and patient records easy for clinicians, ICD coders and OASIS reviewers to collaboratively review
  • Provides a complete snapshot of care through a patient dashboard, highlighting/containing critical information, such as diagnosis, hospital discharges, identified risk, current medication, patient goals, face-to-face authorizations and orders

Compliance Made Easy

  • Makes complying with reimbursement and patient care regulations quick and simple
  • Automatically adds agency-specific care plans, documentation and required fields at the agency level
  • Utilizes industry standard evaluation tools and provides pertinent research links
  • Provides customizable forms and the option to easily add required fields based on your agency’s policies and procedures

Care Made Personal

  • Offers evidence-based tools
  • Displays patient information — such as disciplines admitted, diagnosis, risk scores and current medications — on a single dashboard screen
  • Captures patient signature electronically

Interdisciplinary End-of-Life Care

  • Focuses on Hospice-specific clinical documentation
  • Supports compliance with Hospice documentation requirements
  • Provides robust, interdisciplinary documentation to support every need of the hospice patient
  • Promotes best practices for both the clinical and operational aspects of Hospice
  • Allows documentation of symptom and pain management
  • Manages assessments, letters, and bereavement services
  • Ensures compliance with QAPI and hospice quality measures
  • Offers interdisciplinary charting and visit notes (nurses, social workers, chaplains, aides and volunteers)

Real-time Monitoring

  • Provides actionable data to move your business forward in real-time dashboards
  • Ensures that clinicians deliver the plan of care during care transitions
  • Tracks profitable referral sources, enabling you to become the provider of choice in your community

Reduced IT Costs

  • Helps reduce IT costs and maintenance time via Delta’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based platform
  • Ensures security through a hosted data center, with 128-bit encryption and fully-redundant high-density power and cooling capacities engineered to the highest specifications
  • Allows you to record clinical documentation, even when Internet connection is not available
  • Encrypts information sent from Crescendo™ to secure data center using SSL certifications

Delta understands your dilemma of needing to provide optimum patient care while minimizing your costs. Download our e-book to find out how Population Health Management can tackle both of these objectives head-on by providing dual solutions.

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