Clinicians Two Times More Effective Using Patient-Centric EHR Solution

By June 26, 2015Press

ALTOONA, PA  –  Delta Health Technologies® continues their excellence in clinical documentation optimization.  Home health and hospice clinicians using Delta’s clinical solutions complete their documentation in the patient’s home two times more than the industry average. By facilitating in-home documentation completion, clinicians optimize coordinated care, reduce the number of documentation errors, and improve their satisfaction.

“Delta originated patient-centered SaaS applications that seamlessly integrate real-time patient information across the agency from a single electronic record for each patient,” said Keith Crownover, President & CEO of Delta Health Technologies. “Our solutions ensure the proper documentation processes will be followed and any effort to the contrary will be hard to accomplish. By making the proper processes easier to accomplish, providers will dramatically improve patient care, outcomes, and satisfaction (employee and patient) – leading to faster claims submission and revenue.”

Delta’s Crescendo™ solution starts by leveraging a single electronic patient record that is seamlessly integrated across the agency and accessible by all departments. This provides real-time access to patient data across all service lines, payers, and agency operations – ensuring consistency in documentation, compliance, and coordination of care. By empowering the clinical and care efforts of an agency, our patient-centered solutions help improve outcomes, increase patient and employee satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, facilitate billing, build referrals and strengthen revenue.  Our Crescendo SaaS application may be customized via role-based controls and customizable workflows to optimize the unique processes that are most successful for an agency’s teams.