Care-at-Home Modernized with Crescendo 2.0

By October 19, 2016Press

ALTOONA, PA – Delta Health Technologies® continues to modernize Care-at-Home with the release of Crescendo 2.0. This release builds upon the software solutions’ great success with new features that provide even more accuracy and enhanced simplicity to the clinical documentation process. Clinicians are able to leverage their expertise in combination with intuitive guidance, regulatory compliant workflows, automated process prompts and alerts, patient education, and other time-saving tools improving the pace of documentation. Using Crescendo 2.0, clinical staff satisfaction is greatly improved by increasing the amount of documentation completed in the patient’s home and allowing clinicians to provide more attention to patient care.

“Crescendo 2.0 greatly improves the ability for accurate clinical documentation to be completed at a faster rate. The software includes several new features that improve clinical guidance while helping clinicians tap into their wealth of experience,” stated, Keith Crownover, President & CEO, Delta Health Technologies. “Clinical staff are empowered with Crescendo 2.0 to improve the speed and accuracy of their documentation, helping them focus on delivering patient care in the manner they prefer. Recently, we heard from a clinician who said they have never liked their job more than they do now since using our software. This clinician said now they didn’t have to chart late into the night and their family life has greatly improved as well.”

Crescendo 2.0 continues to be the best software solution for those agencies that manage multiple service lines, or are looking to expand in the future, and want a single solution to simplify their processes. Coordinated, value-based, IDT, private, and emerging care models are supported with consistent, accurate patient documentation. The patient information is accessible real-time in the financial, billing and scheduling modules of Crescendo 2 – facilitating back office operations, financial throughput, and the interoperability needs of payers and partners.”

“The product design philosophy in Crescendo 2.0 empowers the agency and the clinical staff to excel at providing great patient care in the world of ever-changing regulations and compliance concerns. The new functions reduce the redundant busy work found in all other software tools,” said Bill Bassett, VP Product Management and Marketing at Delta Health Technologies.  “Crescendo 2.0 removes the barriers that prevent clinicians from spending more time with patients. The software supports their ability to confidently produce complete and accurate documentation that supports the care being provided for each service line an agency provides.”

Delta has led the development of solutions that ensure agencies are able to deliver outstanding care for 42 years. Crescendo 2.0 continues that legacy and bridges the gap between the need to support proper documentation processes with a solution that improves the experience and speed of the process. As has been shown many times, there is a very high correlation between the level of documentation completed in-home and the accuracy of the patient information. With Crescendo 2.0 making the proper processes easier to accomplish, agencies will dramatically improve the quality of care, leading to faster claims submission and revenue while reducing audits.

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