AppointMate® FAQS

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about AppointMate® online in-home care scheduling software.

Q: Do you have integrated telephony?

AppointMate® Enterprise include integrated telephony that allows caregivers to clock in and clock out. This integrated function was developed by Delta Health Technologies®.

Q: Is there an extra fee for telephony?

Telephony is included in both AppointMate® Professional and Enterprise.

Q: Can caregivers document the tasks that are completed during an appointment?

For a minimal monthly fee, AppointMate® offers telephony advanced task entry.

Q: What is included in the monthly fee?

The monthly fee includes the use of the AppointMate® service (scheduling, client and employee management, reporting, billing and/or payroll integration) and online support and training. AppointMate® Enterprise also include integrated telephony and client and employee portals.

Q: Is there a start-up fee?

There is a nominal one-time fee equal to one month of service. This fee includes setup and configuration for the client and data import into AppointMate®. The start-up fee for AppointMate® Enterprise also includes setting up the toll-free number for integrated telephony.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

AppointMate® Enterprise requires a minimum one-year contract.

Q: What training is provided?

AppointMate® provides online training within the application.

Q: Is there an additional fee for training?

Online training is provided as part of the monthly service fee.

Q: How do I get started using AppointMate®?

Simply sign up online and return the signed agreement to Delta Health Technologies®, either via mail at 400 Lakemont Park Blvd., Altoona, PA 16602, or by fax at (814) 942-4618.

Q: Does AppointMate® suggest available employees to fill an open shift?

AppointMate® will suggest available employees based on whether they have hours available to work, times of day/days of the week they are available, special client needs and requests, distance to a client’s home, availability of client, etc.

Q: Does AppointMate® offer mobile support?

Yes, as long as the mobile device has the ability to access the Internet.

Q: Does AppointMate® offer client or employee portals?

Client and employee portals are included with AppointMate®Professional and Enterprise.

Q: Can data be imported from our existing system?

AppointMate® accepts imports from files using a standard Excel format.

Q: Can I send text messages from AppointMate® to my employees?

AppointMate® enables you to send text messages both to a particular employee or to a group of employees.

Q: Can I get turn-by-turn directions with AppointMate®?

AppointMate® provides turn-by-turn directions, and it is also utilized to determine mileage between appointments.

Q: Can I upload documents into AppointMate®?

For a minimal monthly fee, documents may be uploaded into AppointMate® and categorized by employee, client or contact.

Q: Can AppointMate® track compliance?

AppointMate® allows employers to track employee education requirements, driver’s license/certification expirations and more.

Q: Can AppointMate® generate a 485?

For a minimal monthly fee, clients may easily generate a 485 within AppointMate®.

Q: Can you bill from AppointMate®?

You can generate invoices from AppointMate® and/or export to a third-party billing system like QuickBooks, etc.

Q: Can you do payroll from AppointMate®?

Although AppointMate® does not generate actual paychecks, payroll data may be generated from AppointMate® and exported to a third-party payroll system like ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, etc.

Q: Do you integrate with QuickBooks Online?

At this time, AppointMate® only integrates with desktop versions of QuickBooks. However, customers have the ability to Import files from AppointMate to some online or cloud versions of QuickBooks.