AppointMate® Private Duty Scheduling Software Benefits

Work easily. Schedule efficiently. Grow successfully.

Conflict-free Scheduling

  • Prevents conflicts via one-screen calendar
  • Results in fewer missed or late appointments
  • Assigns clients to a caregiver based on their unique care requirements

Trouble-free Compliance Management

  • Easily tracks and manages complex overtime rules
  • Oversees care plan compliance through telephony, portals and reporting
  • Measures your full-time and full-time-equivalent employees through easy ACA reports

Simplified Financials

  • Makes invoicing simpler through financial software integration
  • Offers flexibility in employee clocking methods (phone, mobile and online) to facilitate greater time capture
  • Makes it easier to track funds via single screen

Real-time Monitoring

  • Validates caregivers’ visits from clients’ homes using caller ID or GPS electronic visit verification
  • Allows easy access to caregivers’ and clients’ contact information
  • Provides automatic text message alert when caregivers do not clock in
  • Shows hours and revenue by client in real time via dashboards